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I value all of my customers and in these very difficult times with the Coronavirus my concerns are for your health and safety. Please be assured that I am using the appropriate PPE recommended by the NHS and government. At this time you will need to wear a face mask or face covering while being treated but treatments can go ahead to reduce risks of infection and discomfort.

Our feet are complex things they have a flexible structure of bones, joints, muscles and soft tissues all packed into a confined shape. They have to adjust to allow all the complex movements that we take for granted such as running, crouching, jumping, walking, dancing and standing on tip-toe.
Our feet carry us through life. They are so important for our over all health. In an average life time they may carry you approximately 100,000 miles- that’s two laps of the equator! We often take them for granted and just expect them to cope with all the abuse we throw at them- forcing them into fashionable shoes, play sports that cause strains and sprains and wear favoured footwear far too long.

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Looking after our feet while they are healthy is so much easier than trying to help them to recover after developing a problem. Early symptoms of diabetes, arthritis, nerve and circulatory problems often initially show themselves in the feet, they are one of the most indicative signs of our overall health.

  • Keeping feet clean is so important, as is drying them well after washing with soap and water.
  • Wear well fitting, supportive shoes.
  • Declare war on hard skin. A pumice stone or a good file will keep the dead skin off your feet.
  • Calluses don’t just appear by accident. If they appear, the chances are that your shoes don’t fit properly, so that problem needs addressing if the calluses are to stop forming.
  • Keep toenails trimmed to avoid the complication, and pain of ingrowing toenails.
  • Change your socks or tights daily to avoid any potential infections.
  • If you have poor circulation, then try to avoid elasticated socks that grip your legs and leave indentations in your skin. 
  • Cushioned sole socks with soft tops will give feet comfort during the day.

    If you find it difficult to get down to your feet then it may be time to see a foot care professional. Click here RFHP to search on the register to find a registered Foot Health Practitioner.

  • Be nice to your feet - it will probably be the best investment in time and money you will ever make

    Why not try a combined foot treatment and reflexology, to leave you relaxed and refreshed?

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