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28th May 2023 

01/03/2021 Feeling grateful.

Well hopefully we are on the way now towards a slow release from lockdown.
I am certainly thankful that I have been able to continue working to some extent during the last year, and have actually been able to grow my foot care clientele during the Covid pandemic.

I'm thankful that none of my family have been ill with Covid and indeed no-one that I know has been seriously ill with it either- we have been so fortunate in the West Country to avoid the worst of the pandemic and have just looked on in horror at other areas of the country and world, where the numbers of cases and deaths have been so much higher.

The end is now in sight. I like many others have been vaccinated and am grateful for the research that led to a vaccine being made so efficiently. Our health workers, from research teams, ambulance staff, ITU teams, doctors, nurses and care staff have been amazing in this and every year- but haven't we appreciated them more this year than ever before?

We have a plan to emerge from the pandemic and dates we can make tentative plans for. What are you most looking forward to? I can't wait to see family again, share a hug with my sons, share a meal with friends and go away in the summer for a while.

It is great to make plans to open my therapy room for reflexology once again in April, if all goes well. My availability for reflexology has changed now due to more foot care clients, so give me a call, or message me to book and I will try to fit you in at your convenience. When I've had my hair cut!

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03/02/21. The Latest Lockdown

I don't know about you, but this lockdown is really getting me down!
I am finding it hard to keep motivated to do very much, and while the weather is cold and miserable it makes it harder to be enthusiastic about starting anything new.
This year it was hard to make new year resolutions when we were not sure what we would be allowed to do within this period of lockdown. Identifying values, and setting new goals can be life changing.

One thing we are aiming to do at home is to stop looking back to life before COVID-19. We don't want life to return to "normal" but to look forward to a new life ahead. It will be different, but looking back is unhelpful and keeps us in a kind of loss for what we had come to experience as life. Now we have all paused and had to stop many of the routines we had fallen into, perhaps we need to plan a future around what is more important to, friends, building relationships within our communities, enjoying nature, exercise, reading, growing things, writing, good food....whatever you value.

So make a list of what you enjoy, what you would like to do more of, and start planning to be able to increase these things in your life. Your goals may be big - seeing more of the world, or small - drinking more water. We can start making small changes to meet those goals, moving into a future with hope and anticipation rather than dragging our past into the future.